Bushwalking Leadership Certificate

2024 Course Dates

Option 1

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May – Caroona Creek, North of Burra

Option 2

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August – Caroona Creek, North of Burra

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This course trains outdoor enthusiasts with experience and skills in bushwalking to become qualified through training and further experience to lead groups, including groups of young people, in bushwalking.

Course Intended for:

The course is appropriate to leaders from:

  • youth groups
  • bushwalking clubs
  • the educational sector
  • government agencies
  • commercial operators

About the Course

The program leading to the Bushwalking Leadership Certificate is directed to the leadership of groups on bushwalks satisfying the following criteria:

  • Length of trip not to exceed 3 days.
  • Walks to be undertaken mainly on defined tracks or walking trails.
  • Parties to be within a half day walk of assistance in case of emergencies.

It DOES NOT endorse capability to lead extended trips in remote and rugged areas.

The program takes approximately 18 months to complete.

Each candidate is allocated an Advisor, an experienced bushwalker who assists in developing the candidate’s leadership skills. The Advisor may also recommend the candidate to undertake additional bushwalking experience before being assessed.

The assessment process includes written papers and reports of the trainee’s performance in organising and leading a walk at an appropriate level of difficulty. It includes the leading of a group of less experienced walkers on an assessment walk (with a minimum duration 2 days) and a technical skills assessment.

About the Bushwalking Leadership Certificate Program

The Certificate Training Program has three levels:

This page displays the second of these three courses (Level 2 – Bushwalking Leadership Certificate [BLC]).

All trainees commence with the Assistant Bushwalking Leadership Training Program and must complete each level before entering the next level.

Each trainee has a volunteer Adviser, appointed by the Board to assist their progress through the course. Regular contact with this person is your responsibility and is an essential aspect of your training.

Level 2 – Bushwalking Leadership Certificate Training Program (BLC)

Upon successful completion of Level 1 – Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Certificate (BALC), a Bushwalking Leadership SA Advisor is appointed, to guide and support you through the rest of your training.

  • Maximum time for completion is 2 years.
  • Training in basic aspects of leadership and bushwalking skills, aiming to equip candidates to competently lead groups of lesser experienced walkers on walks of up to 3 days mainly utilizing tracks and trails within a half-day walk of assistance in case of emergency.

Application for Course Entry

Candidates need to be 18 years of age, have completed 5 bushwalking trips in the past 3 years totalling 12 full days of pack-carrying bushwalking. This experience is to include at least one 3 day walk and one walk in which the candidate has been involved in planning and route finding.

  1. Attendance at a Basic Skills Bushwalking Course, delivered by an accredited Bushwalking Leader, OR
  2. Upon application for recognition of Basic Skills Bushwalking and on the recommendation of an Advisor of the Board.

The candidate must hold a current Senior First Aid Certificate, or equivalent, at the time of attending the Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Certificate Course and for the full duration of the Leadership program.

Introductory Training Course

Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Certificate Course consists of a series of overnight workshops, and includes instruction in group management, navigation, search and rescue, leadership and planning. A 3 day walk is included in this period.

Status on completion of this training is recognised to an Assistant Leader level, enabling the candidate to assist accredited Bushwalking Leaders.

Interim Training

  • Walk Planning Project: Copies to be submitted to the Advisor and Development Officer within three months of the Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Course.
  • Bushwalking Experience: Fourteen days bushwalking experience to include at least:
    • One 2 day walk as a participant.
    • One 3 day walk as a participant.
    • Three 2 day walks as a leader.
    • One 3 day walk as a leader.
    • All walks to be logged as a leader MUST be preceded by contact between the candidate and Advisor.

It is a requirement that the log of walks listed above must include at least:

  • 1 trip in cold, wet conditions
  • 1 trip with an adult walking group
  • 1 trip with an adolescent group
  • 1 trip in the Grampians or an equivalent venue
  • 1 trip in the Flinders Ranges North of Wilmington.

An Adviser Accompanied Walk (Recommended)

Walk Planning Project: Copies to be submitted to Adviser within 3 months of the Assistant Leader Training Course.


Written Assessment Papers

Written assessment papers consist of risk management, navigation, incident response and route planning.

Please make an independent arrangement with your adviser to complete this or contact the office to arrange for another adviser to supervise your exam

Technical Skills Assessment Weekend: Residential

The Skills Assessment is run over 2 days in an area with challenging topography. The assessment is focussed on navigation skills, camp-craft, incident response and general bushwalking knowledge.

A Group Management Assessment Walk (Minimum duration 2 days)

A Group Assessment Walk (minimum duration 2 days). This is to include preparation and evaluation of the group in terms of: fitness, experience and knowledge; documentation of pre-trip planning; the leading of an appropriate walk; and a self-evaluation of the walk.

The Group Management assessment is the final phase of level 2. Trainees MUST complete all other requirements before they can apply for this assessment. Applications will need to be sent to the Assessment Coordinator along with all relevant documentation (application form, fully filled out Record Book, copy of current First Aid Certificate, full walk details and payment).


  • An Advisor Accompanied Walk. It is recommended that Advisors accompany candidates on at least one of their leadership walks.


The Board considers that people awarded the Bushwalking Leadership Certificate are capable of leading dependent groups on bushwalks satisfying the following criteria:

  • Length of trip not to exceed 3 days
  • Walks to be undertaken mainly on defined tracks or walking trails, and
  • parties to be within a half-day walk of outside help or assistance in case of emergencies
Bushwalking Leadership SA training checklist, white

Steps to Completing Bushwalking Leadership Certificate Course (BLC)

Step 1 Joining this Training Program

You must send in the application for the training course:

Your application will be evaluated, based on previous walking experience in the last 3 years.

Alternatively, through the completion of the BSBW course in a school or other organisation.

Once your application has been approved you will receive the course documentation such as the Pre-course work book, course outline etc.

Step 2 Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Certificate Course (BALC)

Participate in the series of workshops, held each year. This is the main period of direct instruction and will consist of 2 x overnight workshops and a 3 x day Advisor accompanied field experience.

The course involves a number of practical training and assessment tasks during this program.

You will be required to successfully complete:

  • All practical assessments on course.
  • The 3 day walk or equivalent approved by the course coordinator.
  • The e-learning course component.
  • At the end of this course you will have a number of units completed and some that are partially completed. These will be outlined on you Regency TAFE transcript and the Bushwalking Assistant leadership certificate.

You will then be considered an assistant bushwalking leader.

Step 3 Interim Training Period and Your Advisor

Post the BAL Course, the Training and Assessment Board will assign an Advisor to you. You must make contact with the Advisor to begin this stage of the course.

There is an initial walk planning project that the Advisor will provide the details of or you will need to check and then for every trip you are planning to lead you will need to submit.

During this time you will complete the range of walks listed in the BLC section of this book. Participation in additional events such as Rogaining competitions is also useful and encouraged and can also be listed in the book.

Prior to all walks you will be leading under the scheme, you are obligated to meet with your Advisor and provide all the documents listed and gain approval. These are: a risk assessment, route card, emergency plan, the training and preparation you have provided to the group, the details of the group, dates and location. This must be approved before you can proceed.

Additional assessment process:

  • Complete all trip planning notes and see your Advisor before each led walk.
  • Participate the 2 day Technical Skills Assessment Weekend
  • Complete the BLC theory exam successfully

Step 4 Application For Assessment

You must complete all the required trips and the above assessment process.

When you are ready you will talk with your Advisor about being assessed and they will recommend you for assessment to BLSA Assessment Coordinator.

In some cases you may apply to continue straight into the Advance Bush Walking course.

Step 5 Assessment

  • Three day walk observed by an Assessor appointed by the Board.
  • Assessor reports to the TAA Panel which recommends pass or fail to the Board.


If required and may be in part or in full


Awarded the Bushwalking Leadership Certificate.

Training pathway for bushwalking leadership

Training Pathway

The course above is only for an Leader to lead multi-day walks up to 3 days, undertaken mainly on defined tracks or walking trails, within half-day walk of outside help.

The next qualification in our training pathway is Level 3 – Advanced Bushwalking Leader Course, which aims to equip candidates to:

  • develop a high degree of skill and experience in leadership suitable for longer bushwalks, including prolonged expeditions in remote and difficult mountain areas.
Bushwalking Leadership SA