The Training, Advisory and Assessment (TAA) Panel is designed to provide a group of trainers and assessors that will provide the direct training and support during your training.

Training, Advisory and Assessment (TAA) Panel

The Training, Advisory and Assessment T.A.A. Panel

The Bushwalking Leadership SA Board has appointed a subcommittee full of experienced course graduates to a Training, Advisory and Assessment T.A.A. Panel. This group of volunteers are chosen from schools, tertiary training institutions, commercial outdoor organisations, bushwalking clubs community groups and avid walkers. The Panel help the Board in its training work by advising trainees, instructing on courses and assessing candidates.

The T.A.A. Panel facilitate the trainers and assessors that provide the direct training in each each leader level based on their own qualification level. The T.A.A. Panel is also there to ensure you have a sounding board and guidance through each stage of the training courses. You will also be assigned an adviser when enrolled into the Bushwalking Leader Assistant Course (BLAC) and it is an obligation that you have all walks led during the course risk assessed and approved by the adviser.

Your Advisor during training

Your Adviser

Once an adviser is appointed to you at the beginning of the BLA Course, it is your responsibility to interact with your adviser like you would for any normal approval or mentoring process. The T.A.A. Panel will issue particular documents and information about courses prior to and during the courses related online learning and training information.  Your Adviser may also be a point of contact for your online learning and projects you are required to complete. 

Once you have completed all components of BLAC you must remain in contact with your adviser providing all walk documentation and gaining approval before leading walks while in the Bushwalking Leader Certificate (BLC) program. A record of these walks will be held on your file as part of your assessment process. 

During the BLC and ABLC which are certificate levels of your training you must complete all sections of the log book for each level before moving on.  When you are ready for assessment to complete a certificate level you will need to consult with your adviser so they can recommend you for assessment to the T.A.A. Panel coordinator.

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