View information about our governance, including our constitution and Board members.


Our Constitution was adopted in July 2000.

The Objects of the Board are:

  • To promote bush and mountain walking within South Australia and by the South Australian community including conducting courses in walking
  • To promote best practice in the standards of walking leaders
  • To conduct courses in leadership for bush and mountain walking
  • To encourage and facilitate walking leaders to pursue accreditation of leadership developed through experience, and
  • To offer advice and assistance to organizations and individuals on matters relating to bush and mountain walking.

Board Members

Our Board consists of five members with diverse experience in outdoor training, education and working with children, youth and adults.

Gordon Begg, chair of Bushwalking Leadership SA

Gordon Begg


With extensive experience in outdoor training and assessment, Gordon is an Advanced Bushwalking Leader, Advisor and Assessor for Bushwalking Leadserhip SA. He has a breadth of experience in curriculum development, assessing, moderating and instructing.

Advanced bushwalking skills in alpine areas

Michael Secomb

Rod Quintrell

With experience and qualifications in  therapeutic, social services, corporate training and tourism programming, Rod is an Advanced Bushwalking Leader, trainer and advisor.  He is involved in the Bushwalking community through his role as board member with Walking SA and in his day job with with Venture Corporate Recharge.

Andrew Govan, training assessor for Bushwalking Leadership SA

Andrew Govan

With his teaching degree and Bushwalking Instructor qualification he is one of our key training assessors. He is involved in the bushwalking community with Outdoors SA, and Wilderness Escape, which specializes in school-aged outdoor instruction, and Venture Corporate Recharge which provides Adventure Based Experiential Learning (ABEL) programs.

Michael Woodward

With his role with Scouts SA in leading outdoor expeditions and bushwalks, Michael brings a wealth of experience.

Bushwalking Leadership SA