Participation in the 2 day Technical Skills Assessment Weekend forms part of the assessment of the Bushwalking Leadership Certificate (Level 2).

Technical Skills Assessment Weekend

Sat 25th & Sun 26th May 2019

Sat 24th & Sun 25th August 2019


This will include assessment of your skills in the following areas:

  • Navigation skills and techniques
  • Incident Response
  • Camp/bush Craft (see Assessment Guidelines below)

You will be walking in a small group of other candidates accompanied by an Assessor. A small coursework booklet will be supplied for you to fill out during the walk.


North of Burra (Estimated time from central Adelaide is 2.5 hours).


Sunday, late afternoon.

Course expectations

Candidates should be prepared for a two-day and one night bushwalk. You are to be appropriately equipped with clothing, equipment and food for this location and period of time. Surplus camping equipment will be rationalised at the beginning of the exercise. You should NOT assume that you will be sharing shelter and rations with specific peoples and must therefore be totally self-sufficient in these aspects. Access to a water supply will be arranged late on Saturday afternoon. You should assume no other access to water until the end of the process on Sunday afternoon.


$180.00, which must be paid at time of enrolment.

Place secured with full payment.


You will need to purchase a CAROONA 1:50,000 sheet (The Scout Outdoor Centre has them in stock)


Bush Walking Leadership AdminĀ

OR contact the Assessments Portfolio holder:

Gordon Begg; 0428 974 759, email



Course payment must occur at the time enrolment form is lodged.

Payment options provided on course enrolment form.


Assessment Guidelines


  1. Use of 6 figure grid references.
  2. Converting grid bearing to magnetic and be able to walk on it.
  3. Transect bearing – intersection of magnetic bearing to handrail on map.
  4. Back bearing – know how and when to use, demonstrate use.
  5. Identify main features on maps – various contour line interpretation, use of key.
  6. Conversion between GN, TN and MN.
  7. Use of handrails, catching features and striking out points.
  8. Preparation of a route card and to be able to follow such a route.
  9. Time and distance estimation.

Incident Response

Candidates should be able to respond appropriately to the following range of incidents in terms of the aspects outlined below.

(i) Hyper/hypothermia, (ii) Asthma attack, (iii)blisters, (iv) sprained ankle, (v) cuts and contusions, (vi) unconsciousness, (vii) member(s) of the party missing, (viii) group lost, (ix) abdominal and muscular cramps, (x) epilepsy, (xi) diabetes, (xii) snake bite.

  1. Appropriate response towards group.
  2. Appropriate casualty treatment and care.
  3. Ability to formulate several strategies in response to incident.
  4. Ability to evaluate strategies and select the most appropriate.
  5. Provision of appropriate group first aid kit, emergency and repair kit.

Camp/Bush craft

  1. Ability to rig emergency shelter.
  2. Ability to evaluate appropriate and inappropriate clothing. Use of layering principle.
  3. Appropriate siting of camp.
  4. Ability to adjust a person’s pack.
  5. Use of a non-pressurised fuel stove.
  6. Knowledge and selection of appropriate day walk kit.
  7. Demonstrate appropriate knowledge of equipment in terms of weight, load carrying and personal choice.
  8. Water requirements and treatment.
  9. Use of appropriate minimal impact camping techniques.
  10. Rationing.

National Modules

You will be working towards completing a number of the national modules listed below:

Bushwalk Leader (Guide Intermediate Bushwalks)

  • SISOODR303A Guide outdoor recreation sessions
  • SISXCAI306A Facilitate groups
  • SISOOPS202A Use and maintain a temporary or overnight site
  • PUAOPE002A Operate communications systems and equipment
  • SISOBWG302A Apply intermediate bushwalking skills
  • SISOBWG404A Apply river crossing skills
  • SISONAV302A Apply navigation skills in an intermediate environment
  • SISOBWG405A Guide intermediate bushwalks
Bushwalking Leadership SA