This is a great opportunity to extend your personal skills by becoming an accredited Day Walk Leader with this industry recognised course. Completion of both step 1 (Day Walk Leader Assistant Course) and step 2 (Day Walk Leadership Certificate) will enable you to:

  • lead day walks with dependent participants
  • with a leaders ratio of 1:12
  • maximum group size of 24 participants
  • walking on tracked and semi tracked trails
  • limited to single day walks
Bushwalking Leadership Courses

Course Summary

Step 1 – Day Walk Assistant Leader Training Course

Once you have successfully completed this training course you are able you to act as an Assistant Leader. You can be included in ratios to bolster the group size while assisting a qualified leader.

Day Walk Leader Training Course Info

Step 2 – Day Walk Leadership Certificate

Once you have successfully completed DWL Assistant Leader course you will need to start logging your assistant walks and build further experience until you are ready to finalise the Certificate by arranging a formal assessment. Once you have passed your group assessment, you will be qualified to independently lead day walks.

Day Walk Leadership Certificate Info

The course is intended for:

This course is ideal for people leading others such as:

  • teachers
  • youth workers
  • personal trainers
  • therapists
  • coaches
  • interested bushwalkers

The prerequisites to participate

You must be able to physically walk for a full day carrying a pack
You must be capable of personally walking on non sealed surfaces in a natural setting

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