This program is designed for people leading multi day walking and camping trips with dependants. The program has 3 stage of development:

    The aims is to develop outdoor leadership qualities and methodologies allowing you to be confident in basic over night adventuring to advanced and remote journeys. This course complies with the Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) guidelines.

  • main introductory level training course
  • the assitant leadership and logging suitable walks
  • personal technical skills and group leadership assessments
  • Advance training course
  • advance group leadership assessment
Bushwalking Leadership Courses

All trainees that commence the BLC training program and must complete and be assessed at each level before moving to the next certificate level.

Each trainee will be appointed a volunteer adviser. The T.A.A. will appoint a registered adviser to assist your progress through the course. You must maintain contact with this person and is an essential aspect of your training.

Program Summary

Bushwalking Leadership Assistant Course Info

Bushwalking Leadership Certificate Info

Advanced Bushwalking Leadership Course Info

Program Intended for:

This courses are intended for people who want to lead dependent people in:

  • Youth Groups
  • Bushwalking Clubs
  • The Educational sector
  • Government agencies
  • Commercial operators
Bushwalking Leadership SA