You need to consider water supplies very early on in planning your walk. Creeks & rivers are drawn blue on a map, however this does not mean they will have any water in them. Springs and rock pools marked on maps and in guide books may be seasonal only and dependent on rainfall. This is an important aspect to consider in South Australian bushwalking.

Where do I get water when bushwalking

Carry enough water to last you until DEFINITE drinkable water is reached. Check with the local ranger, or landowner, close to the time of your walk to assess water availability.

On day walks we recommend you carry at least 2 litres of water in 2 separate bottles.

Oh, and make sure that your bottles are strong, if they break you will be kicking yourself all the way back on the long, thirsty walk to your car.

Experienced bushwalkers begin hydrating days before a bushwalk, especially if it is hot. Starting with your body fully hydrated makes great sense.

Disclaimer to Guide to Better Bushwalking

A Guide to Better Bushwalking: Disclaimer

Bushwalking Leadership SA

Bushwalking Leadership South Australia, in putting this information together, does in no way suggest that this is the ultimate guide and STRONGLY recommends anyone interested in bushwalking to educate themselves in the dangers involved with this activity.

Bushwalking Leadership SA STRONGLY advocates first aid training and recognised outdoor leadership training before leading groups of any sort of bushwalking.

This information is intended as a prompt or introduction to some of the basics of enjoyable bushwalking.

National Parks/Government Trails

Trails are provided for your enjoyment and should only be used in accordance with the Code. Trail users must be adequately prepared and obtain relevant information and maps. The trail conditions may vary from time to time, and trail users are advised to check weather conditions prior to leaving. Persons should use caution at all times when using trails in South Australia.


This information was originally published in 2004. View credits.

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