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An early consideration in your trip plan is how much time you have to go walking. It is always important to formulate a plan should you for some reason be held up on your walk and perhaps need help.

How long am I going for?

An early consideration in your trip plan is how much time you have to go walking.

Most trail times in South Australia are based on steady walking of 2-3 km per hour and DO NOT allow for breaks. Know the distance you are intending to walk before starting, remember to plan for breaks, view stops and lunch. Use trail notes as a guide only.

Who do I tell I am going bushwalking

Who to tell?

It is always important to formulate a plan should you for some reason be held up on your walk and perhaps need help. Leave details of your intended journey with someone reliable. Set up a system where if you have not contacted them within a specified time frame, they will then raise the alarm.

Details they will need:

  • Police 000 or 131 444
  • Your (nearest) contact number
  • Names of people in your group
  • Mobile phone numbers in group
  • Maps carried
  • Route to be taken
  • Expected time frame
  • Equipment carried (including food, water & shelter)
  • Where you left the car
  • Registration & make of the car
  • Timeframe of when to call for help
  • Who to call for help


It is good practice to know of the nearest hospital to where you are walking. If it is a regional hospital, they may not be staffed 24 hours, so try the number first before visiting. Remember, not all injuries require evacuation but may need medical attention.

When do I call the ranger?

Ring reasonably early into your planning with a good idea of your trip intentions. Rangers need to know if you are in their area in case they are planning management work such as fuel reduction burning, feral animal eradication etc. Their local, recent knowledge is essen- tial for your trip planning. This is particularly important for overnight camping.

Who do I walk with when I hike or bushwalk?

Who do I walk with?

There are lots of walking groups around metropolitan Adelaide, catering for most types of walkers, from beginners through to advanced levels. Walking SA list walking clubs in Adelaide and South Australia.

When bushwalking with friends, it is recommended that on day walks there should be at least 2 of you and on overnight journeys, at least 4. With 4, if one person gets injured, one can stay with them, and 2 can go for help.

In general, forget going on a day walk with more than 15 in your group, and 10 for overnight walks. Once your group gets too big, your wilderness experience diminishes, and importantly, your impact on the environment increases dramatically.

Disclaimer to Guide to Better Bushwalking

A Guide to Better Bushwalking: Disclaimer

Bushwalking Leadership SA

Bushwalking Leadership South Australia, in putting this information together, does in no way suggest that this is the ultimate guide and STRONGLY recommends anyone interested in bushwalking to educate themselves in the dangers involved with this activity.

Bushwalking Leadership SA STRONGLY advocates first aid training and recognised outdoor leadership training before leading groups of any sort of bushwalking.

This information is intended as a prompt or introduction to some of the basics of enjoyable bushwalking.

National Parks/Government Trails

Trails are provided for your enjoyment and should only be used in accordance with the Code. Trail users must be adequately prepared and obtain relevant information and maps. The trail conditions may vary from time to time, and trail users are advised to check weather conditions prior to leaving. Persons should use caution at all times when using trails in South Australia.


This information was originally published in 2004. View credits.

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