Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Certificate

Level 1 – Bushwalking Leader Assistant Certificate (BLAC)

Post training course you receive your certificate if you have completed all of your assessment. This will allow you to assist in walking programs. It will initially be in direct supervision of a Level 2 Leader or higher.

As you have participated in more walks you may lead a walk with another competent adult following structured procedures and risk management from a Level 2 Leader or higher. The Level 2 Leaders should be in phone contact and or in a couple of kilometres of you to aid you and your group if required.

During this stage it is crucial that you gain approval from your advisor in preparing and leading groups. The legal boundaries of this course require it to ensure you are leading a group in the correct context for your experience.

You are limited to leading groups in easy track areas with easy navigation and less than 1 hrs response time with emergency services to your location.

As you progress through towards the end of this stage you will need to be able to extend the walking area through discussion with your advisor.

Bushwalking Leadership SA training checklist, white


  • Apply first aid
  • Plan outdoor recreation activities
  • Guide outdoor recreation sessions
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Interpret weather conditions in the field
  • Facilitate groups
  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Follow OHS polices
  • Undertake risk analysis of activities
  • Apply search and rescue skills


Bushwalking Leadership Certificate level

  • Bushwalking Guide in a Controlled Environment
  • Demonstrate bushwalking skills in a controlled environment
  • Guide bushwalking in a controlled environment
  • Demonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment
  • Use and maintain a temporary or overnight site

Advanced Bushwalking Leadership Certificate Level

  • Bushwalking Guide in an Intermediate Environment
  • Operate communications systems and equipment
  • Apply intermediate bushwalking skills
  • Apply river crossing skills
  • Guide intermediate bushwalks
  • Apply navigation skills in an intermediate environment
Bushwalking Leadership SA